Attract Post-Collision Customers with Search Engine Optimization

While your Certified Collision Repair business is focused on having the right tools, training, and equipment to properly repair your customer’s high-performance vehicles, marketing your business online is as critical as your body shop’s reputation. If you want to stand out from the competition, this is how you can implement a robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that will nurture prospective customers that find themselves visiting your digital Auto Body Locator storefront.

Ready to discover a 3-point playbook that will allow you to ace Search Engine Optimization in 2021? Do this first…

  1. Brainstorm Popular Collision Care Terms
    Words matter and SEO is about choosing the right ones. Consider the most commonly asked services and questions that you receive from customers. Within each of those questions or phrases is a search term that new customers will look for on or and that your body shop can use to be discovered. Check out our map (above) for a list of possible must-have words and phrases.

  2. Update Your Landing Page Information
    Go to and log into your ShopOps account. Next, select Marketing > Landing Page. You will see a selection of prompts to enter about your body. Your goal? To fill your “About” section with the relevant words and phrases that will “bump up” your standing in search results. Most people choose their collision repair providers from the top search results and (at least!) the first page. Your front page status can make a massive difference in consumer awareness without investing in a massive advertising budget.
  3. Brag a Little…or a Lot!
    While you’re adding descriptive words to your landing page, let the world know about your Manufacturer Certified status! Thoroughly fill in your social media profiles “About Us” page and “Contact” information. Add your Certified Repair Provider status and list all OEM Certifications on all of your marketing efforts.

Share the Good News

As your business begins to pop up on the front page of Google, continue to link your Auto Body Locator and our consumer facing Collision Care website and encourage your customers to share your designated page on their own social media pages. Not only will this save you thousands  of marketing dollars, but organic engagement will also do wonders for your landing page’s SEO rankings over time.