LEHIGH VALLEY COLLISION Earns Official Certification and Prestigious Top Automaker Recognition

ALLENTOWN ‐ LEHIGH VALLEY COLLISION has been officially Certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization for maintaining the right tools, equipment, training and facilities necessary to repair the participating Automaker brand vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications Cantabile tomorrow. In achieving their Certification, LEHIGH VALLEY COLLISION is now an integral part of the most advanced repair capable and efficient auto body repair network in the world 라스트 쉽. Adding to their credentials, LEHIGH VALLEY COLLISION is officially recognized by Assured Performance, FCA, and Nissan.

To become Certified and officially recognized by the various Automakers, LEHIGH VALLEY COLLISION passed the rigorous Certification process essential to help ensure a proper and safe repair of the new generation of advanced vehicles I downloaded it. Less than 5 percent of body shops across the nation are able to meet the stringent requirements to become officially Certified and recognized. The Certified network is made up exclusively of best-in-class collision repair businesses that have met or exceeded the strict requirements of the Certification program 배틀 그라운드 다운로드.

According to LEHIGH VALLEY COLLISION OWNER, DAVID ROTHROCK, “Our business has been built on a foundation of excellence and ethical business practices Download hadoop. We strive to provide the highest-quality repair for our customers. Our state-of-the-art facility and certified technicians give us the ability to achieve this Certified status.”

The Certification criteria are based upon auto manufacturer requirements Download The Rogers. These are critical to ensure the vehicle fit, finish, durability, value and safety following an accident. As new model vehicles are being introduced that use light weight high strength materials and advanced technology, a proper repair according to manufacturer specification is even more important than ever to ensure the passenger safety and proper performance of the vehicle 웹페이지 파일. Auto manufacturers want to ensure that consumers have the option of Certified Collision Repair wherever they live, work, or travel.

“Consumers need the confidence and peace of mind to know their vehicle is being repaired by a shop that has what it takes to ensure the vehicle safety Download the girl's prayer. LEHIGH VALLEY COLLISION is officially a Collision Care Provider™,” said Scott Biggs, CEO of Assured Performance Collision Care™. “They represent the standard by which all other body shops are measured.”


About Assured Performance Collision Care™: Assured Performance Collision Care™ is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization specializing in the automotive collision repair market segment 갬블시티 다운로드. Assured Performance works with the top automakers to identify, audit and promote collision repair providers that meet best-in-class business standards and the manufacturer’s requirements Fifa4 super-fast. Consumers can go to: www.assuredperformance.net or www.autobodylocator.com to find a list of Collision Repair Providers.


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