Landing Pages— Your ShopOps Tip of the Month!

Have you updated your landing page lately? In addition to receiving OEM Certifications and being a Certified Repair Provider, one of the most sought after rewards for Assured Performance Certified Shops is having an Official Landing Page featured on Auto Body Locator allows both your current contacts and prospective customers to search for a shop with your qualifications. We connected with Chuck Hunt to find out his ShopOps Tip of the Month and how you can get started or update your current page to our newest templates!

Why Your Landing Page Matters

As Chuck explains, “Landing Pages are important, as they are the first visual impact that you have on consumers searching for high quality Certified Collision Repair Providers.”

How to Create A Great Landing Page for

1. To get started, go to and login to your ShopOps account.

2. Next, go to Marketing > Landing Pages.

3. Select the Landing Page you want to use.

Scroll down to these Landing Page options (below)
to prominently include your shop photos!

4. Add your Shop Logo and Photos

“Selecting the right Landing Page for your shop is very important, but another important step is uploading your logo and high quality photos that showcase your entire operation. Remember to choose photos that strike a professional tone. Create an online experience where customers WANT to go to your shop and have their highly sophisticated vehicle repaired with confidence.”

5. Add details “About Your Shop”:

Include your Certified Shop’s days and hours of operation, as well as a brief history about your shop. Consider whether your shop has a slogan you’d like to share, along with any special services you offer.

6. Include your Shop Contact Email Address for Appointment Emails:

7. Don’t forget to add Social Media links!

Customers want to connect digitally. Providing easy access to your social media channels is professional and will encourage more traffic and engagement… both on and offline.

The final version will be something you’re proud of!

Need help setting up your landing page?

Contact us at and we will get you in touch with your Regional Director, for one-on-one support!

You can reach Chuck Hunt at

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