How Marquis Auto Body Launched a Viral Digital Campaign

How do you run a successful digital ad campaign? Learn how Troy Aldrich, President & Owner of Marquis Auto Body in Santa Rosa, California, used the On Demand Marketing (ODM) section of ShopOps to reach his community. 

When Troy Aldrich logged into his Assured Performance ShopOps account and selected a meme featuring a Golden Retriever, he had no idea that the image would go viral. While he was familiar with running traditional ad campaigns, classic advertising lacks the immediate optics or insights that digital marketing can provide. Upon downloading his favorite image, Troy shared it on Facebook. To his surprise, his 10 day campaign resulted in over 11k views and 1.2k people interacting with the image … which far exceeded his expectations.

Troy explains, “It was phenomenal and we got to see instant results. Online, you can tell how many people saw your ad. With paper ads, you don’t know whether someone looked at your ad or not.”

The dog image he shared going viral was an “ah-ha” moment for Troy, who says, “It’s going to change how we market to our community and I’m adding it to what we currently do.”

The History of Marquis Auto Body


When Troy opened Marquis Auto Body in 2012, he was already a seasoned professional within the collision care industry. Having learned from his experience, he wanted to create a professional work environment that was conducive to completing high quality repairs in a timely manner.

Troy began working in the collision care field at the age 18 and his interest dated back to his first auto body class in high school. Looking back, he believes that he was “hooked from that moment onward.” By the time he opened Marquis Auto Body, he had been in the industry long enough to know that being OEM Certified is an essential way to do business.

Now, 8 years after opening Marquis Auto Body, Troy is living his dream as the President & Owner. Always focused on safe repairs that prioritize use of manufacturers’ parts and repair procedures, Troy enjoys a great relationship with local dealers and his community. Throughout 2020, his business has continued to adapt to the year’s unexpected changes and emerged thriving. Troy shares, “We employ top-of-the-line safety protocols, including a dual air filtration system and convenient pick up and delivery services”.

While his viral social media campaign taught him the importance of digital marketing, quality and safety remain his top priority. Located in Sonoma County, often referred to as ‘wine country’, Marquis Auto Body employs around 8 employees and services between 50 and 60 cars monthly. Marquis Auto Body is certified by Assured Performance, Nissan, Hyundai, INFINITI, FCA, Kia, Repair Capable — Ford, Repair Capable — Aluminum, and Alfa Romeo

If you live in Sonoma County and are in need of collision repair, stop by Marquis Auto Body. As an Certified Collision Repair Provider, Marquis Auto Body has been independently inspected by Assured Performance Collision Care, a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization, and found to have the right tools, training, equipment, and modified facilities to properly repair consumer’s technologically advanced vehicles to industry standards.