Halladay Auto Group’s Good News & Big Goals in Wyoming’s Biggest City

How Halladay Auto Group Beat Their 2020 Sales Goals!

Is your collision repair business so in demand, that people are advance-booking their appointments online? Discover how Halladay Auto Group of Cheyenne, Wyoming beat their 2020 sales goals and became a customer-requested collision business with more than enough repairs to keep their staff engaged and business thriving. As our “Good News Story” for February, Halladay Auto Group has leveraged their Certifications, met customer demand, and kept their community feeling safe and cared for when they needed it most!

Discover the History Behind Halladay Auto Group

Founded by Carl Halladay in 1944, over 7 decades ago, Halladay Auto Group or “Halladay’s” as it is locally known, became synonymous with quality products and repairs, impeccable customer service, and a steadfast dedication to the community of Cheyenne. To this day, it remains locally owned and operated. Now boasting over 100 employees at 3 locations across the city, Halladay’s specializes in providing a vehicle for nearly every driver and every occasion, from rugged imports perfect for traversing the state’s Rocky Mountains to luxury sedans. Its premier collision repair facility is located just a half-mile away from the Wyoming Historic Governors’ Mansion.

Halladay Auto Group’s mission is to exceed their customers’ “needs and expectations” and attain “the highest levels of customer satisfaction.” They are Certified by Assured Performance Collision Care, Kia, and Nissan. They also have a Gold Class rating by I-CAR. Judging by the number of Wyomingites who go to Halladay’s for their repairs, their body shop is meeting its goals tenfold! 

How Halladay Auto Group Uses Bad Weather for Good Business

Shop Manager, J.R. Cirillo, and Business Development Manager, Bekah Foster, also credit Mother Nature with their success. “We are thankful that our community relies on us, no matter what the season.” explains Cirillo. Whether wind or hail, the shop meets sales goals for any given quarter.

Of course, the weather is not the only source of business at Halladay Motors’ body shop. The shop manager, J.R. Cirillo (who recently celebrated 49 years in the collision industry) credits their Assured Performance Collision Care Certifications with attracting customers, as well as their commitment to providing their technicians with the tools, training, and technology necessary to properly repair each vehicle.

How Halladay Auto Group Unlocked the Power of Certification

“Being Certified,” Cirillo explains, “means that we have been independently inspected and have what it takes to properly repair every vehicle. It’s a good selling point for customers, especially when they buy their vehicle through our dealership and know that our collision shop is Certified.” 

He also credits the shop’s success with their ability to offer every customer a Certified Repair. Cirillo believes that this accreditation also helps with insurers, as Halladay’s shop is recognized by all of the state’s major insurance providers. “They wouldn’t give us their direct repair status if we weren’t Certified and in good standing.” 

How Halladay Auto Group Cares for Its Community

Halladay’s steadfast dedication to their community is the reason that they contribute to over 100 charities around Cheyenne. Bekah Foster explains, “Nine times out of ten, if someone has a fundraiser, they come to Halladay’s. We want to be a community partner and more than just an auto dealer. We truly believe in giving back to our community.”

Part of that community leadership comes from Halladay Auto Group’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are very fortunate,” explains Foster, “to have remained busy and open for business. We quickly implemented health and cleanliness standards which have proven to be successful.”

“Our customers adapted and our employees are doing a great job as well,” Foster says. “We work together as a team and create a positive environment. As far as mask mandates, we are following all guidelines set by Wyoming’s governor.”

How Halladay Auto Group Learns from Its Past & Plans for the Future

Turning their thoughts to the future, Cirillo and Foster are both prepared to smash last year’s sales goals and raise the bar even higher for quality Collision Care in Cheyenne. While this last year may not have been an easy time to operate a small, locally-owned business, Halladay Auto Group continues to be a best-in-class Certified Collision Repair Provider and offer “Certified Repairs.” This commitment allows them to embrace their community more closely than ever. 

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