Good News Story: Get to Know Mission Viejo Auto Collision!

There is a term that most of us learned over the last year, “essential workers.” When the pandemic hit, collision repair businesses remained open, with the most popular being Certified Collision Repair Providers. Mission Viejo Auto Collision was one of those stand-out “essential businesses” and their stellar online reviews make them our “Good News Story” for the month of March! Not only does Mission Viejo Auto Collision thrive, due to their popularity within their community, but they also offer the best collision repair available on the market: A Fully Documented Certified Repair!

History of Mission Viejo Auto Collision

Tucked away in a popular suburb in Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo Auto Collision was founded in 1983 by Lynn Hesford and one of the earliest collision repair businesses to lead with a woman at the helm. From the start, Lynn wanted her beloved business to serve their customers as their top priority. Now, nearly 38 years later, Lynn’s focus on her community has created a top-rated business that is under the trustworthy guidance of her son, Todd Hesford (Director, Mission Viejo Auto Collision). 

The Secret Ingredient to Mission Viejo Auto Collision’s Success

Whether you visit Mission Viejo Auto Collision in person, request an online estimate, or connect with them by phone, your first experience is bound to be rewarding. As a company they aim to provide you with peace of mind from the moment that you interact with their business. If that’s by phone (or after a collision), their front desk staff will ask how you are doing and help to put your mind at ease with their knowledge of the repair process. If you submit an online estimate, you will get personalized attention and care …  even while you stay comfortably at your home or office.

The leadership skills that Mission Viejo Auto Collision’s front desk team members display is also found within every member of their staff. Building a best-in-the-business team is a testament to Lynn and Todd Hesford’s ability to bring people together. Todd considers leadership a matter of walking besides others, whether the task that you need to complete is large or small.

While his mother’s mission to serve the community is a concept that Todd has embraced wholeheartedly since he joined the company 2 decades ago, his personal mission also includes creating an environment where he leads through example.

Their business gives back to others by working with organizations like NABC’s Recycled Rides, to give the gift of transportation to those who need it. While the shop prioritizes up-to-date equipment and technology, Todd credits an equal bulk of  their success to the customers that they hold so dear, “To set yourself apart from other collision repair businesses, it’s got to be about how you serve. If someone rings the bell, we jump! We run to that fire every time.”

This philosophy is reflected in Mission Viejo Auto Collision’s advertising and marketing approach. The great repairs that they provide have led to a strong relationship with their community and their fans leave top reviews on search engines and social media platforms. In fact, Todd, who is also a husband and father of four children, has managed to seamlessly integrate their social media leads with their website’s photo estimating to process virtual estimates for their customers. 

And, when their shop does receive a request for a new repair, Todd is ready. “We are prepared for whatever makes our customers feel most at ease … pick-up, drop-off, delivery, or shuttle service, you name it. We are ready for it.” he says, enthusiastically.

The Benefit of a Fully Documented Certified Repair

Beyond the great reviews and happy staff, customers often credit an additional reason as to why they select Mission Viejo Auto Collision, Certification. The shop’s Assured Performance Collision Care and Manufacturer Certifications have been a major source of new customer acquisition. “We’ve heard on multiple occasions that our shop’s Certifications are the reason that they (customers) come to us,” Todd explains. 

Usually it works like this, he furthers, “A customer will find out about Certification through an insurer, dealer, or a friend, and then they do their homework. They check us out online or stop by and, the end result, is that being Certified has a positive impact.”

While a steady stream of new customers is always welcome, for Todd, the desire to be a Certified Collision Repair Provider runs deep. It’s about (you guessed it!) going above and beyond to showcase their qualifications and commitment to the repair process, “We look at what will separate us from the rest of the industry, especially in our own backyard. That is why we offer the Certified Repair Option.”

Mission Viejo Auto Collision began offering their customers fully documented “Certified Repairs” and the “Certified Repair Option” in 2020. “This means that every “Certified Repair” comes with a Compliance,” “Authenticity,” and/or “Certified Repair” Certificate. Certified Repairs are the next piece for us as they give us, the consumer, the insurer—everybody—the best possible result for a good, clean repair.”

For Todd and the entire Mission Viejo Auto Collision team,  the best part of a “Certified Repair” is the ability to give the consumer proof and peace of mind. “We don’t just tell them that we repaired their vehicle …  we provide proof and show them everything that happened during their repair.”

Looking to the Future of Collision Care…

While their business has navigated a successful path and even opened up a second location in Rancho Santa Margarita, at the Community Collision Center of Santa Margarita, the hard work that Todd’s mother completed remains a motivating factor in his own success as a Director.

“My mom grew this company. There were a lot of long days and people who were taken aback when they heard that a woman was our founder. This didn’t stop or slow her progress, she put her head down, worked hard, and had remarkable results.”

As far as looking to the future, Todd sees cars and more cars, “Cars have always been a focal point in our family. It’s been a fun life and there is plenty to accomplish in the future!”

Connect with Mission Viejo Auto Collision at Mission Viejo Auto Collision is Certified with Assured Performance, Kia, FCA, Hyundai, Nissan, Repair Capable— Ford Vehicles, and more!

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