Buying Opportunities for Industry Affiliates

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Learn more about our NEW Rebates and Buying Opportunities, with a feature about each of our Network Affiliates found below! To take advantage of these special offers, go to and log into your ShopOps account. Next, select “Business Improvement” followed by “Buying Opportunities.”

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Assured Performance Account Manager or Regional Director at (949) 221-0010.


Auto Techcelerators, LLC.


Auto Techcelerators, LLC has dedicated the past 40 years to designing, developing, and implementing automotive software solutions. Its Calibration CoPilot™ and ADAS CoPilot™ manage and inspect vehicle ADAS and safety systems. Its patent-pending Test Drive CoPilot™ system helps repairers properly perform, manage, and document test drives and dynamic calibrations.

BodyShop Booster


After years of being frustrated by software providers that have agendas that hurt (more than help) body shops, the founders at BodyShop Booster decided to build simple technology that is designed with the sole purpose of helping body shops grow their business and simplify the customer repair experience. Most shops struggle to get the “right” repairs that will increase net profit. BodyShop Booster is a system that automates leads from multiple sources like OEMs, Dealers, Insurance Companies, and Agents. But, as you know, getting leads doesn’t mean you get the repair! Capturing the job is the most important part. The automated sales system inside Booster will sell the estimate and perform the follow-up to influence the customer to choose your shop.

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cPRAX - Website Marketing


cPRAX is a marketing agency committed to helping independent body shop owners use the Internet to earn and keep more new customers, thereby relying less on insurance company referrals. Founded in 1999 by a 45-year collision industry veteran, CPRAX matches a personal consultant with each new client to facilitate a strong personal relationship aimed at boosting sales through improved branding and advertising.

GMG EnviroSafe


GMG EnviroSafe helps Collision Care Providers comply with OSHA and EPA regulations through comprehensive safety and health solutions including in-person advisor and expert support, training and certification, tools, and software, and laboratory and medical services. Founded in 1989, GMG EnviroSafe counts more than 2,000 American body shops as its clients past and present.

KECO - Body Repair Products


KECO’s body repair products provide the collision industry with the most comprehensive glue pull repair system available today. Keco’s proprietary product offers the ability for body shop owners to save thousands of dollars thanks to its low cost, less intrusive procedures that require little to no body filler, and easy-to-learn processes.

WURTH - Additive Group


Würth is the world’s largest fastener and clip solution, has partnered with Assured Performance Network to drive each Certified Collision Care Provider’s profitability through inventory management, vending, and Assured Performance’s integrated SIS-Next Solution. Wurth’s product line includes fasten and assembly components, metalworking and tooling, personal protective equipment, and industrial supplies.