Buying Opportunities for Industry Affiliates

Next, let us introduce you to our Expanded Affiliate Network of Partners!

Auto Techcelerators, LLC.


Auto Techcelerator’s mission is to help the auto, collision, glass, insurance and truck industries properly. They help individuals and businesses ESTIMATE, CALIBRATE and VALIDATE ADAS systems to ensure ADAS equipped vehicles operate as designed after a report or calibration!

The Calibration CoPilot™ platform is the best way to offer, manage, document, and invoice for ADAS calibration and diagnostic services.

The ADAS CoPilot™ platform is the fastest and easiest way to identify and inspect vehicle ADAS and safety systems. The first commercial solution, Test Drive CoPilot™, is a patent-pending system designed to help repairers properly perform, manage, document and get reimbursed for test drives and dynamic calibrations.

Auto Techcelerator has more than 100 years of innovative and successful auto industry software design, development and implementation experience. They have helped design and develop some of the most popular, successful and powerful automotive software solutions over the past 40 years.


cPRAX - Website Marketing


Bill Enross is a US Navy veteran, former new car dealer service manager, independent shop owner, and OEM parts representative to auto body shops with over 45 years experience in the automotive sector. Bill has been helping independent auto body shop owners use the Internet to get and keep more new customers since 1999. Bill helps shops position themselves as the only logical choice for a consumer seeking a collision repair facility in their local area, thus relying less on insurance company referrals. Bill is an active member of SCRS, and AASP-MA.

Bill lives in Foxboro Massachusetts with his wife, Interior Designer Raye Senecal and their rescue Boxer/Shepard mix, Stella Bella. Raye and Bill’s blended family of 5 children and seven grandchildren hail from North Attleboro MA, New York City, Brooklyn NY, and Juno Beach FL.

Since 1999 Bill has been helping auto repair shops and collision repair shops just like yours get more business from the Internet. Believing in strong personal relationships has been the foundation this business has been built upon, and when you work with cPrax you’ll work one-on-one with an experienced automotive professional like yourself. Your personal consultant (and former shop owner), will never be further than a phone call away. Bill is always available to talk with shop owners, contact him any time and expect a no pitch, no pressure conversation. Contact Bill today!

Thank you. I like being ‘partners’, that’s how I hope to make my clients feel about me. I never want to be seen as a ‘vendor’ – there are no shortage of those.

There are many hard working men and women in this industry on the front lines in the shops, they need and deserve all the help we can give them.

GMG EnviroSafe


No one knows compliance like GMG EnviroSafe. Founded in 1989, their comprehensive health and safety solutions include in-person advisor & expert support, training & certification, tools & software, and laboratory & medical services. GMG EnviroSafe works with more than 2,000 body shops coast-to-coast. They help collision centers comply with the full scope of OSHA and EPA regulations, local requirements, and also reduce the risks of communicable diseases.

“As a former shop operator, I am thrilled to be strategic partners with APN. No one else does what we can do in the collision repair industry, and we know our services will be a great asset to their network.”

—Brandon Thomas
CEO, GMG EnviroSafe

KECO - Body Repair Products


Keco glue pull repair (GPR) systems eliminate stud welding so your repairs are far less intrusive with less post-pull work pounding, filling, priming and painting. There’s no need to spray wax or coatings inside the panel because you don’t burn any of the OEM material away. The entire tool set is easy-to-learn, build on the knowledge you already have repairing vehicles, and requires no formal training. At a fraction of the cost of conventional repair systems, Keco tools are able to repair both steel and aluminum. Keco GPR systems are made in Oklahoma City.

WURTH - Additive Group


Wurth USA and Canada the largest fastener and clip solution. Providers are excited to partner with Assured Performance Network, the largest network of certified collision repair shops. We will partner with each shop to drive profitability through inventory management, vending and our integrated SIS-Next Solution. Our collision specialist will provide on-going training specific to Wurth products, our OE partners and the collision industry. We look forward to the opportunity to grow together.


Würth is a chosen vendor for all Assured Performance Co-op with an agreement that was signed in April 2021.

It is very important we do not “waive” the agreement at the GMs, PMs, and SMs. We cannot walk in and make demands. We must still win their confidence at each location and provide solutions for their business specifically.

  • The Würth districts and Key Account Team will have bi weekly calls to discuss location visits, feedback, success, and recommendations following the roll-out
  • It is essential that we track all details for all locations in the early stages so we can request help from Rachel Collector where needed

Call Jenny Castro directly at any time with questions, concerns, or feedback for immediate support 636-248-2028

National Pricing Transparency

An exclusive Pricing program is in place and all Assured Performance Co-op locations receive a unified pricing program.

The following is not permitted or available:

  • Price negotiation at the store level

Individual Pricing Requests or suggestions MUST go through Jenny Castro (Key Account Manager) and any deviation from this procedure will not be processed.

Freight Terms and Fuel Surcharges

  • Free freight
  • Standard Freight: for ORSY and Bulk Items
  • No Fuel Surcharges

Invoicing Billing and Payment

Würth USA purchases are invoiced at each location or through a central payer for larger groups if applicable

  • Statements will be mailed to AP contact at shop or group
  • Invoices are thru billtrust
  • Packing Slips: details not added but can be upon request


Needs Assessment and Account Management for each Assured Performance Co-op Location

Implementation (RSD larger groups, DSM groups, TSR weekly visits)

  • DSM should be present for first initial visit with TSR when possible
  • DSM will assist TSR in initial introduction
  • DSM and TSR are to meet and introduce themselves to GM, PM, and SM at each location
  • DSM and TSR are to complete a location blueprint and needs assessment that includes all ORSY and potential vending requirements
  • DSM and TSR will establish min/max stocking level for all products
  • DSM and TSR set up SIS system
  • Shop Managers/owners approve all assessments and requirements.


  • We do not need new account forms ONLY the Assured Performance Co-op enrollment form for new and existing customers joining
  • State tax exemption paperwork & ICF (found on intranet)
  • Assured Performance Co-op Enrollment Form must be completed and submitted to Jenny Castro who will review and submit to National Accounts for processing


Vending qualifications must be met for locations interested and selected by the RSD and DSM.

The vending request form and contract must be reviewed with and signed by the customer. It is critical that the software fee portion of the form be discussed with the customer. The contract should be emailed to your RSD for final approval.

  • ALL vending requests must be approved by your Regional Sales Manager.
  • Vending project planner needs to be completed prior to approval
  • Follow basic vending standards
  • Usage report is a must with annual spend
  • Customer is responsible for all necessary network requirements in order to connect with our vending software (Modem or Hardwire)
  • DSM to identify ROI at all Assured Performance Co-op locations

Product and ORSY

The academy will also be doing product clinic webinars for members to learn about specific products and solutions related to collision and the growing mechanical repair side of collision. This process will be tracked by the DSM and reviewed with the TSR. Please ensure that you are providing products of the following categories (along with the required ORSY, if ORSY is needed):

  • Detail Products
  • Service Chemicals
  • Abrasives
  • Hardware
  • Clips/Fasteners
  • Shop Supplies (Ex. Gloves, floor mats, seat covers, towels, etc.)
  • Wheel Weights
  • Miscellaneous

ALL orders require the following

  • Email copy of order to PM and SM via Speedy this way they can review items ordered, quantity and price
  • Make sure all accounts have MSDs electronically


A completed return via Speedy needs to be sent to the PM and SM or the completed return authorization form needs to be signed and left behind.